Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Wild Wednesday: Been around the world

No guesses as to where we went today! Second trip to Global Village this season and today, we visited Yemen (see first extra), briefly popped in to Sri Lanka for G to get a picture with an elephant, then to Iran where we saw gorgeous Persian rugs, then on to Morocco, India, Africa, China, South Korea, Pakistan and lastly, Jordan! All in three hours!

I hope the pictures give a feel of the evening. The weather was perfect to be outdoors and as I now have a Chinese sister, we ate at IWOK, a new Chinese fusion restaurant! I tried on some leather waistcoats in Pakistan, and we saw loads of amazing things as we went through the pavilions.

Earlier, there was a quick trip to Festival City before G's lesson today when I sat it out at the beach. I have discovered that despite signing an annual tenancy contract in 2017, I am required to pay VAT for the part of the tenancy when VAT kicked in. Is this normal?

And even the BBC reported about cheating at the King Abdulaziz Camel Beauty Contest Festival in KSA. Apparently, some camels have been given botox injections to enlarge their lips! The things that people will do for 34 million dollars! ;)

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