By WharfedaleBex

Double outing

I had a really enjoyable sunny outing with Sarah this morning along the river in Ilkley, followed by a coffee (and cake!) CJ met her old friend Stephania in the coffee shop too so she was made up (and full of biscuits!)

When I got home, the forecast seemed to imply the rain was coming in later than forecast so I risked a venture out on my bike.  With a reminder in my head of this lovely road that heads up to Norwood Edge, I set off to explore the uphill version.  I was lucky enough to find two road sweepers, one blocking each end of the single track lane but it was still worth it for a pretty and quiet (apart from the roadsweepers!) route that I haven't done for a long time.

Although it was starting to look a touch ominous here, the double rain spots didn't arrive until we were almost on the last descent and then it was only a vague shower.

That's one double fine day!

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