John Van de Graaff

By VandeGraaff

Pont Neuf Flood

The Seine in Paris continues to rise since my blips 3 days ago. It was reported at 5.6 meters above normal today and is expected to peak at 6 meters tomorrow (Saturday)--that's nearly 20 feet!  Today's main view looks downstream from the Pont Neuf (on a small totally flooded park at the western end of the Ile de la Cité--marked on the map). I took the extra from the Pont des Arts--the bridge in the distance--looking  back upstream towards the Pont Neuf.  My position was directly behind the buoy left of center in the river (below the high equestrian statue of Henri IV, just visible in the image). 

The weather has been a bit warmer than average--ca. 8 C today (46 F); there have been a few showers but probably not enough to aggravate the flooding; it's already very widespread and very damaging to the economy. 

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