Da Family

Off we went to the zoo this morning and had a super time, we were there early as the gates opened. It wasn't too hot, but heated up as the hours drifted by. I will try to put a couple of extras that I really love of the lion and giraffe. Very pleased with the Sony as neither of them are cropped and are at maximum zoom.

We spent some time on Wellington's vibrant water front, having lunch at Macs Brewbar....so hot by now so found a couple of tables in the door way hoping for some cooling draft.

The rest of the day has been at home just sitting outside putting the world to rights.

As we are heading home tomorrow morning a family photo (or three) was taken. I randomly chose this one, it will have to do, but may change it when I get home and can download all my photos.

Thanks so much for following our holidays, when I haven't responded or looked at your journal. Just didn't have the time, having too much fun.


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