The last one......

.....for a while.  Grabbed the three for a last minute photo before we were taken to the airport.  Lexi actually stayed still enough for me to get a happy picture.  Her Dad was behind me doing something with my ears which made her laugh big time.

We're home now, unpacked and washing out and in.  Having an easy remainder of the day. 
I've loaded all my pictures some 1200 (that's being conservative) and gone through and deleted the blurred or not needed ones. So, some work to be done over time before I send a selection on a pen drive to the two families. 

Tomorrow will be lawns, edges and garden tidy up - its predicted to be a very hot (as in scorching) temperatures for the coming week. 
Flowers picked and in a vase.

Another thing that will start tomorrow - fitness and healthy eating. Not that we have been eating unhealthy but just getting back into the normal "fodder" if you know what I mean.

We've had an awesome and memorable holiday with our families, special times which are to be treasured.

More tennis tonight - The Fed v Cilic - enjoyed the women's final and my favourite gal won.


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