The flu is getting worse... Today has been so tough.

My voice nearly went at some point and all I could get out of my mouth was squaky noises. I sounded like a parrot. 

Also I have been freezing and feeling so unwell.

The worst part is that Hiroko, my translater, is getting it too. We both slept during our lunchbreak. 

We came back to the hotel at 5ish and I went straight to bed and have slept for a couple of hours. I am eating take-away in my room tonight, so I am not going out again until tomorrow.

Last day of teaching will be tomorrow.
I can't wait to get it over with. This is no fun.

We stopped by a farmacy on the way to the hotel to get more flu and cold tablets.

See you tomorrow Blipland
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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