Take a Big Bite

Yes, it's another Woodpecker. This female Pileated attacked the BarkButter like she hadn't eaten in days! But since I see her every day at the feeders, I know that to be an 'alternative' fact. I often manage to capture little bits of the ends of their tongues in my shots, but never like this! So, of course I had to share it with you. :)  I spent three hours this morning with Paws On Parole getting some really 'good' dogs adopted. I handled 'Marty McFly', a very sweet boy who is around 7 or 8 months old. see Marty in the *extra...He was found abandoned on the streets and ended up in our program (lucky dog, lucky dog). Marty found his 'Forever Home' today with a very nice couple from here in Gainesville. They have two other dogs and several grandchildren who are looking forward to playing with Marty. Oh and did I mention...they have a saltwater pool! I'm hoping that they will adopt me as well!  Please do consider adopting a rescued pet, there are so many 'Martys' out there!
Thanks, once again, to Admirer for continuing to host SillySaturday.

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