Pictorial blethers

By blethers


This poor thing is the only photo I took today - I suppose I could have chosen some choice object in my daily life and blipped it, but it always smacks of defeat, somehow, when I do that. So this is the start of an irredeemably wet walk this afternoon, far too late to be heading out on such a gloomy day, when I ducked under some trees beside the meeting of the waters in Glen Kin to take one photo without my phone being drowned. The moss was about the brightest thing in sight, unless the half-hidden turbulent water counts.

We walked up the southern side of the glen instead of straight up the middle, as we found the rain was driving straight in our faces if we kept on the main track. Halfway up the hill we came into the shelter of the fully-grown forest on both sides, and marvelled at the effectiveness of the wind-break they provided. The rain moved in great curtains across the rapidly-darkening glen and seeped into our boots before we were down again.

Madness, yes - but after two sedentary days a very necessary madness. 

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