Moon just before Sunset!

Tim next door told me yesterday that Home Bargains had a store in Portlethen Shopping Centre.  As I have never shopped in Home Bargains and they are going to open soon in Montrose I thought I'd drive over to Portlehen to see what the store was like.  Sadly Tim had got it wrong  - there is a Home Base in Portlehen, and a B&M Home Store but no Home Bargains. I did go into B&M thoug, and bought some dried worms for my birds, and as there is an Asda there I bought some food and a red mouse for my laptop.  That was a bit of fun because the alarm went off as I left the store. I paid no attention since I hadn't stolen anything!  BUT then I could hear running footsteps behind me, and a security man stopped me and asked demanded to see in my bag.  It seemed the red mouse had a tag that the cashier should have deactivated. We had a good laugh when he found it and my receipt-)  I had another go at superimposing the Moon on a blip with branches.  I expect there is a way of getting them with the same shot so both are in focus, but I've not managed that yet. My extras are (1) taken with the Moon mode on my camera, (2) on Auto, and (3) a Crow taken through my kitchen window.

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