A beautiful sunrise I just couldn't capture while driving (obviously). I pulled over briefly and took this through the windscreen before getting on to the main road.

I had a productive work day, then at lunchtime, in the drizzle I stocked up on cappuccino and tea bags in Tesco. I also couldn't resist a pineapple at just 55p. That was half price. Then a quick look in Sue Ryder where I bought a fab pink cardi, hand knitted and I'm 100% sure unworn. There were several, all in different colours. Someone has lovingly sat and knitted them. It cost me £3. I have, since getting home, put 3 of my old cardigans and a jacket (that is too small) in the charity bag.

The rest of my evening has been spent searching for a cheaper electricity provider. Our fixed rate ends on 31st and will rise by £500 pa. I've taken the plunge with Ovo energy. Hopefully the increase will only be £200 pa. I hate this annual trawling of the internet. Last week I had to do it for our phone and broadband. That changed on Wednesday. Then I have 12 months without having to think about it. We have turned the heating down a degree and it's noticeably cooler. But I have 2 new warm card's and a poncho, so we will save and keep warm some how!

Thinking of my dear school friend Denise whose mum passed away this morning after a long battle with dementia. Always a sad time and the family are in my thoughts.

An episode of The Crown after University Challenge. Then bed.

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