I was awake bright and early this morning and was delighted when I looked out of the window to see that it was very frosty.  Mr. HCB, as always, was up much earlier than I, so I think he was very surprised to see me quite as early.  

I told him I was going out into the garden to see if there was anything worth blipping and off I went in my pink robe and slippers.  Although the sun was coming up, it was cold but then I wasn’t really dressed for it!

I wandered around the raised beds and took several photographs of Mr. HCB’s kalettes, the plants that are a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts, but then I spotted this little plant quite near to the ground, by the bird feeders.  As I stood there, a little long tailed tit landed on the fat balls, but before I could get my camera on to the right setting, it had flown off.

There was quite a sharp frost last night, as you will see from this little Mahonia and I think Mr. HCB is hoping that it will get rid of the caterpillars that are still invading his Savoy cabbages and that have decimated the tops of the kalettes.  I noticed some rather large cabbages, so guess I had better start thinking of what we will eat with them because they all need to be harvested before we go away - and it’s not that long now!

I am meeting my friend Margaret, for coffee later, but she is not just any friend, but one who has been a good friend for the last 55 years.  We met on a motor cycling course, when we were both about 18 and have been friends ever since.  In fact, when we got married fifty years ago, she was our bridesmaid.  I am sure will find lots to talk about.

“What good is the warmth
    of summer,
         without the cold of winter
              to give it sweetness.”  
John Steinbeck

P.S.  Thanks to a fellow blipper, I believe the plant I photographed last Tuesday was a Viburnum and not a Weigela - apologies for the mistake, but thanks to ArtyfartyAnnie for putting me right.  Always good to know the correct name of a plant. 

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