Where would we be without technology?  When I saw that this was the challenge for Mono Monday, I began, as I often do, to think “outside the box”.

Mr. HCB is never surprised when I do strange things - he knows I am probably thinking of a Blip and today was no exception.  When I got an apple out of the fridge and started to take photographs of it on top of my Macbook, he just said “A Blip, I assume?”   He knows me so well!

So here is my contribution to the Mono Monday challenge - the bite of the apple done by Mr. HCB wasn’t quite to my liking (how picky can you get, I hear you asking!) so I did a smaller bite myself and was happier with it.  It set me thinking how many bites of the apple did it take to satisfy those making the Apple logo?

Sometimes we think that we could manage without technology, but I wouldn’t be able to send my son in Vietnam a message and receive a response within a few minutes, as I did this morning - and there are many other ways we couldn’t manage without it.  Of course, there are times when we wish we weren’t so readily available via our smartphones and computers, but I guess in this technological age, we have to embrace it and use it to our advantage, rather than letting it control us.

Interestingly, as I have mentioned before, the readings that Mr. HCB and I listen to every morning are on an App (technology again) - Bible In One Year - and this morning’s reading included this verse - quite appropriate for today!

David prayed in Psalm 17 v 8:

“Keep me as the apple of your eye”

Nicky Gumbel explained that this means the pupil in the eye - the opening of the iris in the eye through which light passes to reach the retina - and so signifies the thing most treasured.  

We were encouraged to meditate today on just how much we are treasured by God.  Food for thought. 

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