Ikea Girl

Mr K took Miss L off to the pool and Harris + Hoole this morning so she could spend her usual time with Miss J. I had to laugh at them going through the normal swimming routine even though Miss E wasn't here so there was no real reason to go at all!! Miss L loves seeing Miss J!
I went over to get Miss E at 11am, hoping she'd had a good night and hadn't had all her worst fears of yesterday realised!
She'd had fun!!
Not a wink of sleep apparently but a good time had!!
What a relief.
I asked her if she wanted to go straight home for a lazy afternoon or if she wanted to go to Ikea to get the mattress we've been meaning to get her for months.
She said she wanted to go home but then - obviously buoyed by the thought of the restorative powers of meatballs - changed her mind and we headed to Ikea.
On the way in I saw a billboard showing a double bed frame for £99. I hadn't intended to buy her a double bed but it looked lovely and I was interested to see it in the flesh. 
When we got to it I didn't say anything but suggested she have a lie down. She almost nodded off!!
We carried on to the cafe for meatballs (Miss E) and a bowl of salad (me). Miss E was very impressed by my engineering prowess as demonstrated by the amount of salad I can get piled up in one teeny bowl without it all falling out all over the floor!!
She did her usual joke with the chip on her shoulder which never fails to make me laugh. See what she does? A chip. On her shoulder!!!
Her new bed required a new duvet which also required a new cover. She spent a LONG time choosing! I had to dissuade her from a horrible blue and green stripey one which she declared her favourite.
I declared it something an old man would have on his bed and she chose a pretty multicoloured spotty one instead!
Then it was home for homework, baths and pizza for dinner.
And listening to Watford lose yet another football match. God, we're rubbish!!!

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