Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

What's on the menu?

I was sitting on the sofa chatting with my parents this morning when I spotted a young Sharp-shinned hawk land in one of our cherry trees before hopping over to the shadbush, looking closely for unwary little birds.  Never missing a beat in the conversation, I grabbed a camera and crept around to the kitchen window to snap a few pics.  And then, because there were two little Downy Woodpeckers on the deck trying not to look like breakfast, I opened the door so the hawk would fly away.  

This is probably a female, based on size, and is my 14th Yard Bird to be blipped this year.  She probably hatched last summer as she isn't yet in adult plumage. Hopefully she will be a successful hunter and grow up to raise her own young.  And for those interested in such thing, these small hawks reach sexual maturity at two years.

So far, I'm having a great birthday.  Always great talking to my parents, a bonus to see a hawk in the yard, plus we had some snow (just a dusting).  Hubs made lunch, but not before having a couple dozen tulips delivered (my favorite flower).  And tonight we are off to a romantic dinner.  Many messages on FB, some phone calls, some texts --- okay, I'm feeling pretty special today.  



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