Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

A misty morning at the river

Today Gavin went to Chamonix in France for a week of work meetings followed by some skiing from Friday afternoon onward. It is an annual event for the company that he works for, there are 120 employees and their partners all going to Chamonix. I was meant to be going with Gavin today but as I have just got back home I had decided to rather go at the end of the week. Many partners are going tomorrow and others are going throughout the week, but I am only going on Friday. However, before he left we went out for breakfast as I have hardly seen him these past few days! As we drove in to the village I saw the mist rising from the river and shouted 'stop the car' and I jumped out to take some photos. As I was late for breakfast I then ran from the river to join Gavin, and in doing so twisted my ankle and I think it it slightly sprained! It is swollen and a little bit blue and I cannot put any weight on it, but it is not that bad, I am sure in a day or two it will be fine again.

After our breakfast Gavin left for the airport and I have spent the whole day editing my photos - with my leg up to relieve the swelling on my ankle. I got so engrossed in my photos that I forgot to eat lunch and I now see it is dinner time, so I had better go make something to eat. 

I want to finish editing my photos tonight, but I am not sure I will manage that - I hate leaving the editing until later as life carries on and there are always new photos to edit. Interestingly, quite a few of the people on my Venice workshop had the view that you must be ruthless with your selections, and if it is not an image you are really proud of it should be deleted or at the very least not even edited. A few of them said they would be happy with about 30 images from the whole trip. It is a good discipline to do that, and I have been deleting many images today. Actually the discipline starts even earlier, I do not believe in the 'spray and pray' approach of just shooting hundreds of photos each day - most days I only took about 100-160 photos, many of which have now been deleted. 

I will get back to journals as soon as I can, and I appreciate everyone commenting and leaving many hearts, with no word back from me. Hopefully life will resume as normal pretty soon!

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