Victorian Railway Bridge

How's this for a find? What an amazing piece of architecture lying hidden amongst the trees, gradually being taken over by nature! Best seen large to be fully appreciated :)

My Wednesday friends and I went for a walk, as usual, but not too far, as the forecast was for chilly winds and sudden downpours. We walked along the river and into town for lunch (except I had an exceptionally delicious and good value French breakfast) in a French café, coming across this bridge on the way. Fortunately, we escaped the showers but did have to wade through a mud bath on the way back. My boots are sitting caked in mud - left to dry, in the hope that I'll be able to just knock the dry mud off!

My entry for both Wide Wednesday (theme:urban) and Wild Wednesday!

I have also been shooting the supermoon but am not super-excited about my results and I'm sure there will be many great blips of the moon, so I'll save mine for the archives!

Huuuuge thanks for your generosity for yesterday's 'Frosty Sunrise' - I'm thrilled to see it on the top line of Page One! :))

Ann :))

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