By Cr055ie

Colourful Diffraction

Another pic I did in advance bit didn't post until today for Water Wednesday.  I really thought this was effective but I couldn't get rid of all the very small bubbles.  I did manage to eliminate most of the light reflections though by using a strategically placed book.  I'm just so high tech. 

Castle Hill Hospital with Phil today.  A bit frustrated that we are having to start right at the beginning again with the pre-med.  He might even have to do the whole dentist thing again as well, they are letting us know about that in the next few days.  We both just want this over with so we can move on with out lives and make some plans.  So much for him being back in within the 28 days.. I can feel a complain through PALS coming on.  

Noting in the bag for tomorrows Blip so I will be out hunting whilst I'm at work. 

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