Breakfast at Nandies

Well car is going to be off the road for at least another week.  Gear box is out and will be collected on Monday to see if it can be repair or if it needs replacing.  I have also been told that because the gear box is out that I may as well save myself some money in the long run and have a new clutch as well.  This is going to be an expensive job!

Anyway because i am car less I couldn't do my stint at Mums this weekend.  I felt quite guilty about it because my sister did it and it's her sons birthday weekend and she would have liked to have spent the day with him.  She will be going out with him and his fiance and her family for a meal this evening so not completely neglected him.   Lou asked me to have Josh whilst she went to work.  Her babysitter/childminder had something else on today so it all worked out quite well really.  We had great fun, breakfast then a bit of baking, followed by cuddles and the new BFG.  I never even got Josh dressed but he didn't seem to mind. 

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