By Cr055ie

"The Boatyard"

Since his 'op', him indoors has been amusing himself and passing the time by making a pond yacht.  I had never really heard of these before, now thanks to the narration I know almost as much as he does.    He has designed this and made it from scraps of wood and it has taken him hours.  Almost a good job he can't go back to work yet or he just wouldn't have had the time lol.

Seriously I am really proud of what he has acheived.  I noticed last night he was watching a video about how to use a sewing machine.  I honestly thought he was going to convince me to make the sails.  It appears he has taken note.  I had told him I would make them, but only one set, but as he has done the rigging at least four times to my knowledge with twine, nylon rope and steel ropes I can't imagine he is going to be happy with them on the first attempt.  

Who knew my husband the perfectionist!!!!!  Unfortunately this does only apply to his model.  My dining room table is full of scratches and dints and will need stripping an repolishing - although he does insist it now has character.

If it wasn't for the fact that I know how lucky I am to still have him - I'd give him character!!!!!

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