By Cr055ie

The Broken Crayon aka Pointless.

Well I have been offered a loan car but not going to take up the offer unless I need it.  Rescheduled my diary and can work from home for most of this week.

An evening trip to Lincoln to take Mya to a planing meeting for a training session she is co-delivering to trainee teachers.  Not bad for a twelve year old.  Teaching teachers what it is like to be a "looked after child".  The last session they delivered was to a load of social workers and it was really thought provoking so really looking forward to hearing about this one.

Just got my head down and did some admin stuff today.  My pic of the day is one I took on Sunday again.  I quite like messing with this still life and I really think  may had nailed the manual focus at last.  Starting to think about stacking but not sure I have the knowledge.  I can see a you tube tutorial coming on.  Any recommendations welcome. 

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