By Cr055ie

Different perspective

i'm usually more productive when I work from home, but today seemed to be full of distractions of my own making.   I did get want I wanted done, but I could really have don more I feel,  Getting a bit stir crazy not having a car.  I didn't want to go anywhere but it's odd knowing that you can't.

Was hunting around for something to try my manual focus on again this evening but my inspiration has left for a while.  Hubs suggested I try to get a shot down the strings of the electric guitar.  It really isn't quite as easy as it looks.  I wanted the guitar central in the frame with the strings running into the perspective and as much in focus as I could get.  So wide aperture but that shows everything in the background so a dark cloth  to hide the table, and something just the right height to prop it us.  Wouldn't have been so bad but I hadn't charged the battery up, so I could only have a few attempts.  I am quite pleased whit the result but I think I will try again and use a less textured cloth and try a few different lighting positions.  This one looks quite broody and rock and roll.  I might see what it look like in low key black and white.   Plenty for me to play with for the rest of the evening I think. 

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