By Cr055ie

Macro mania

I sorted a cupboard out in my bedroom at the weekend.  It usually stores all the bed linen but a couple of years ago I placed all my empty camera and lens boxes in there.  Hubs recons if you want to sell stuff it looks better if you have the original boxes!!  Anyway whilst sorting it I found some of the items Hubs had bought me for Christmas when I first started with photography.   I took it out today and started using it.  I now can admit I know what most of it is for, but was a little surprised that the conversion lens didn't fit any of the lenses in my kit bag.    I had forgotten that the kit lens with my D3200 was 52mm, and the reason I couldn't find it was because it was in its rightful place.  On the camera. 

I had a little play but think I need to do it when I have more time.  Trying to focus was really difficult.  You can imagine how bad the shots were because I have blipped the equipment and not a shot taken  with it lol. 

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