By Cr055ie

Under Pressure

Not sure if I am feeling under pressure or deflated this evening.   

Worked from home this morning, then school for education meetings re: Mya.  She thought she would be in trouble when she got home so we thought we would take her out to tea to prove she wasn't.  She has behaviour issues and attends a school that is designed to cater for it.  She is relatively well behaved at home but kicks off at school.  School need to handle there side of it, we'll look after the home side.  Happy to support where I can but they are the specialists!!!!

The photograph is a divers helmet that stands on the counter at "Papas" fish and chip restaurant on the pier in Cleethorpes.  I really would like to try and get a decent pic of it but this one has been taken on my iPhone because I wanted to use it for my blip..

Got home to two messages.  Both of which have gone someway to make me feel the way I do.  Message number one was from the garage.  They started putting the new gear box and clutch in my car, and discovered that it was leaking oil or something.  Apparently one of the parts in the new gear box is defective so the whole lot needs to come out again so the garage can get another one to put in.  So half term and I am car less.  To be honest I had made contingency plans  but I am still disappointed, and I know I am looking at working for another few months with all my salary taken to pay the bill!!!.

Second call was from a respite carer asking if we had any news when  Phil would be in hospital so they could make their plans for when Mya goes to stay with them.  I fully appreciate the need for them to make plans.  Plans are something we haven't been able to make for almost three years, and those we had made have had to be postponed or cancelled.  If we knew we would have let them know.  I sound really uncharitable and unsympathetic but when people ask me if we have any news, I know they are all really well meaning because they care but it just notches up my stress levels a little more at the moment.  

Also found out this evening that our grand daughter who has fought so hard to recover from her brain tumour will now always have a learning difficulty.   We are not sure how it will affect her because she is slowly learning how to walk and talk again, but it will never get better and will get worse as she get older.  It just seems so unfair that a child of three should have to go through so much.   Puts the car trouble into perspective.

Anyway planning on stopping the world for an hour or two tomorrow so I can get off,  and get out on my own with the camera.  I feel I need some head space and to recharge my batteries.  Is that selfish of me?  Rhetorical question because I am planning to do it anyway. 

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