Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Flight path

I think the unique moon events of yesterday are having quite a big influence on world weather. Dubai has been cooler than normal in the last few days. It is such a phenomenon here to have cold weather, that we've got to make the most of it when we have it, so G cancelled out of AWANA this evening, and we threw a few things together and headed off to the spot we last tried to have a BBQ!

First though, we had to get some food and a disposable BBQ. Then to battle Thursday evening traffic and finally arrived at the site at around 8pm. We forgot about the dune buggy stunt guys who love this quiet road and should have found another place, but traffic was so bad, we just stayed.

The advantage is a quiet road that has street lighting on one side and as it is in the flight path, it's a super spot to watch incoming aeroplanes. So, my blip is trying to capture many aspects of the evening! Home pretty early, after collecting a saffron tea from a restaurant just down the road! Another weekend is on us!

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