Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

New Event

So, this is the latest "British" thing to hit Dubai - an "official" car boot sale! For decades people have had garage sales in their villas to get rid of surplus stuff, but they are technically illegal (you would need a trade licence). Several years ago, when we had our house move, G & I had a table at a couple of jumble sales, but this is an official car boot sale and will be held every Friday morning until the weather gets impossible for it to be viable I guess.

For some reason, Global Village has been chosen as the venue, which is great for parking and facilities but not for the vital shoppers one needs to make this really work. It is also scheduled during the hottest time of the day i.e. 11am to 4pm. Hmmm.

I want to have a major clear out of stuff in my room before the end of February, so that was the main purpose of our visit. It looked well organised and some of the vendors looked like seasoned car-booters especially with the gear they had to display their things. There weren't many buyers though, which might be explained by the fact we were there in the first hour of the very first one.

It is cooler than normal at the moment, but it was warm as we strolled up and down checking out the handful of cars that were there. No items were purchased except for three loaves of proper German bread made by a baker whose family have been in the business for generations! As for the Mr Whippy ice cream, after queuing up and seeing the overinflated price we decided we could do without. The cost of participating is high as well... £30 if you book in advance (£40 if you just show up). You'd need to make sure you had stuff to sell to make it worth your while!

We drove out to the BBQ spot we were at last night, mainly to identify a new area. Don't know if I mentioned the kids going up and down in their dune buggies on the "quiet" road we were on. They were noisy and annoying. I don't think our trip was successful. I reckon going on a weekday rather weekend would solve that problem. (I liked being in the flight path and watching the aeroplanes.)

And as we were so close and in the area, we checked out the newly opened Dubai Safari - as in access, parking spots etc. To be visited on another day. G is coming down with a cold, so she wanted to get home! It was good to watch the movie Groundhog Day on the actual day! Very funny and well made, and a very very interesting concept!

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