Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Tolerance Bridge

It's been a fairly quiet day! G went out first thing for an Awana fun day and should have been gone until 4pm, except she came home early! I was in the middle of ironing but that quickly got put aside.

We had the time to go out while the sun was still around, so we headed to the beach first, and then to this... the Dubai Canal. Blipped previously in 2016, we had said we would check it out early 2017 while the weather was cool, but that never happened.

Really pleased we did it today as they've continued to work on enhancing it. My extra is the same as the previous extra except it is now completed, and we used this twisty bridge to cross over. We've still got another section of the project to explore - on another day!

PS. If you're wondering what the guy is doing, he's wiping the top of the handrail. The whole length of it!

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