Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Car Wash

The only out I've had today is after sunset when there was an hour and a half to kill before G's evening lesson started. Since getting my car back, I've been wanting to get it washed properly, so we seized the opportunity, and headed to a car wash where they accepted the discount vouchers I had been given when registering my car.

It's all looking and feeling really good, but water got in somewhere and it was some job starting up the engine again and getting it to go smoothly! Argh! I discovered too that whilst the windscreen wipers finally work, the jets don't spray any water to help clean the screen.

Earlier, we had a little bit of rain, as opposed to the thunderstorms which were forecast. Rain always causes a lot of excitement here. There was a strong breeze just before that. And whilst watching the news, the visit of Pope Francis is being covered by the international press. He is the first Pope to ever set foot in a Muslim country - this in the Year of Tolerance. The government have given public and private schools Tuesday off!

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