Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Window on the eagle

I'm on church cleaning again this month. Followers of my blips my know that I don't go in for hoovering, preferring to devote my energies to the brass - the memorials to long-dead organists, the figures on the various crosses, and - the main attraction - the brass lectern. (My partner in skivvying does the hoovering - he'd left by the time I reached this stage). So here, because it was so sunny outside, is the left wing of the eagle reflecting multiple images of the window above it, showing the Woman at the Well with Jesus. The red you can see is part of Jesus's robe.

I managed to do half of the lectern before giving up for this week. The building was intensely cold, and all the polishing in the world wasn't going to generate enough heat to keep me going. Even the music I was playing on my Boom speaker (Leonard Cohen's You Want it Darker) wasn't enough to distract me from the pain of my polishing hand as it froze - brass makes you cold even when you start warm. 

But I was buoyed up by the memory of a visiting priest at the funeral of a friend. "Who shines your bird?" he hissed as he sat down. "It's magnificent." It was the single bright spot in a sad day. 

Next week I'll do the barley-sugar stand. And the claws...

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