Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Pink clouds and diesel

I actually like this photo, even though the main feature of the foreground is the pier at the big POL fuel depot on Loch Striven and it's a hideous blot on a beautiful landscape. There's something cruel about suddenly being assailed by the smell of fuel as you walk along an idyllic road to the sound of oystercatchers, though I have to admit than on this lovely afternoon I became more irritated at the people who decided to take a drive along the road - and then drive back again. It's a dead end, and we met only one group of walkers while the others sailed aimlessly past us as we stood up on the verge to accommodate them.

The loch was glassy; the only constant noise was of the small burns on the hillside; there were signs of Spring - catkins yellow on a tree, a solitary primrose on the south-facing verge. I'm seduced into putting an extra photo up to show the sunshine as we set out on what is one of our favourite walks.

But it's better midweek. No cars!

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