Week 5.

I've had better weeks than this one. It started ok but then 'things happened' and the mood turned around. Luckily things turned good in the end of week but I'm glad this week is soon over.

The best parts of the week:

*Nelli, our other cat, has really changed. When our baby born and we came home from hospital, she moved to live in sauna. She didn't like the baby, she didn't quite like me because I had the baby's smell on me. When ever she came near the baby she almost puked. She took it quite hard that there was a new member in the house.
Nelli has always been reallyreallyreally keen on me, we've had a special relationship with her and now there was someone else 'on her place'...

It took one month before she came to me and showed me a little bit of her love. But just a little. It was a huge thing to me, because I was sure she's going to hate me forever and the routine's we had together, were gone.

After a while she started to come more and more away from the sauna, started to sleep in other rooms, stopped 'puking' etc.

She have not liked the baby ever but not hated him anymore, I think.

For month or two(?), she's let the baby come near and touch her. We always stay beside to see that the baby doesn't do fast moves to scare Nelli or Nelli not to scratch him etc. And we let the baby touch her for just a moment so she doesn't need to change her sleeping place if gets disturbed too much.
But now! This week she has been coming near the baby herself, let's him to pet her really much and she plays with the boy!! She's really turned to be a different cat! I could have never believed this would happen because of her behavviour during last year and because she's never liked any kid that's visited us. I'm so happy!
Now I'm waiting our other cat to not be scarred of the baby anymore..... (She 'liked' him when he was newborn but now when he has started moving, not anymore.)

*Also best of the week was to see my friend and her daughter, my Godchild, on Saturday. We went to their home to celebrate her first birthday! Baby turned one and is not so baby anymore, rather a toddler now.. Time flys fast.. I remember that she was just born and we went to see her and she made me cry. She was so tiny and so much waited little girl. She just made me cry... And now that tiny creature is a lovely one year old girl! Congratulations!

*And today was a good day too. We went to church, because they 'invited' us. They had a babychuch today. They had invited every baby baptised last year in Porvoo to the church. When a baby is baptised in Porvoo, they put a 'leaf' to a 'tree' in the church and on each leaf has written the name of baptised baby and the day of baptism. Now they gave the leafs to the babys, for a memory of the baptism.
The priest also blessed the babys and they served food too. Of course we sang few songs too.

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