Week 6.

Almost everyday I keep wondering how fast time flys. Once again I did wonder it.

Not long ago I was bying babystuff to a baby which was growing in my tummy. Then he was playing with the toys and now I'm already selling them...?!?!

Please, someone, stop the time.

Beside of the wondering, we have been swimming this week and went sledging, saw two friends and went once again to the kids indoor activity park. (It's free for kids under 1year so can afford it every week :D lol.)

In the swimming hall our baby was so happy about swimming that he just wanted to dive all the time.. :D

In the collage, there's a picture of our boy when his eyes are wet. It was a funny situation..
We were laying in the bed, Otto was showing some old pictures from his phone, baby in between us. I was getting emotional because of the pictures. And in the same second I started to cry our baby started to cry. He had 'no reason' for crying, but I think he felt our feelings, especially mine, because when ever he sees me crying he looks me weirdly and senses the atmosphere..
I started laughing instead of crying because it was so funny, he's in so many ways like me, and now, we started even to cry same time.. :D

Of course he is a lot like Otto too<3.

On Saturday evening fever came to visit us. Suddenly baby's temperature was 38,1°C and just before going sleeping he threw up. Luckily the night was good, he slept almost 14hours.. And today he had just little temperature in the noon, now in the evening not. Hopefully tomorrow is a good day and he's not ill anymore. Sadly the swimming is not possible tomorrow.. :(

P.S. There's a bun in the picture because today is a Shrove Sunday so we 'made' (=bought ready buns, baked them in oven and added cream+raspberry jam inside) shrovebuns. We were supposed to go sledging today but because of the fever we didn't. We'll do it someday next week then hopefully.

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