twinned with trumpton

By misterft

Slightly thick heid after dinner the previous evening; but slowly came around with the aid of MOTD and tea. 

Breakfast - black pudding is featuring a lot in the diet this week - and the perennial laundry battle of the moment continued. I painted and then took the laundry to her; and swiftly turned around and headed off into a really nice spring like day to get her essential supplies whilst she ushered her lass off in the direction her dad.

I returned with supplies; we took a brief tour of Q mile before returning to an afternoon of relative peace and chipping away at little niggly things that needed doing but never get done unless you have an empty house and no distractions lto hide behind for not having done them.

So as the sun started to set, I grabbed the latest instalment of the laundry saga and rounded up a light bulb and yet another iphone cable and some cod. 

A quiet night in doing very very little. For once.

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