Prepare to ............

 .......... groan - really, really groan!!!

KangaZu has set the MM211 challenge for "rhymes with February" - dear me - difficult or what!!

Here we go:

I've had boyfriends named Terry  (two in fact)
And friends known as Kerry  (three of those)
I've been on a ferry  (lots of them)
Ridden a horse 'cross a prairie  (really)
I do like a drink and have often (!!) been merry
Then blown a raspberry but never dressed like a fairy (can you imagine
I was once a sec-re-tary but it was only tempor-ary (true)
I'm now stretching my vocabu-lary
It's definitely NOT legend-ary!
So that's all for the Challenge
To rhyme with Feb-ru-ary 
Except here, just for you, .............  is a twig with a berry!!!

I did warn you!!

~ Anni ~

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