By Viewpoint

Looking back

I decided to create a composite Image this afternoon as I seem to have lost the few images that I took this morning.  I've been reformatting cards, so maybe, just maybe I reformatted the wrong card.

Anyway, I do quite like this image.  The photos were taken earlier in January  on a frosty morning and I decided I'd try them superimposed on a background - in this case a commercial one, so they won't be competition images (in fact I think there will be less competition images in the coming year).

I met up with another Anne from the Parish Council in order to locate the sycamore tree that has a swinging and dislocated branch.  It's next to a busy footpath and could potentially fall on someone.  I tried to get something done about it months ago and have been thwarted so far.

This afternoon I managed a quick trip into Sheffield to try and replace my remote shutter trigger and luck was definitely with me. They were waiting for more cable releases but just had one wireless trigger in the second hand collection and it looked as though it's never been used - so a bonus for £10.  Let's hope it works when I'm away.  It worked in the shop.

Some snow forecast for tomorrow so I thought it was best to go today.

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