By Veronica

New toy

I bought a new lens on eBay ... it's the most expensive lens I've ever bought, even taking into account that it's half the price it would have been new. I totally wasn't expecting to win the auction. I'm pleased because it is in absolutely mint condition: the person selling it had bought it not long before switching to a full-frame camera, rendering this virtually unused lens useless to him. It's replacing my rattling, wheezing, falling-apart 18-105 lens.

I haven't had much opportunity to try it out as it's been pouring with rain all day. But I did take it outside to fire off a few shots and make sure it worked. It is so heavy ... considerably more than the weight of the camera!

My thoughts have been mostly with my friend H today; J has managed to get in touch with police and coroner, so our thoughts are now turning towards organising a funeral. It felt cathartic to write about her yesterday, because I didn't want her to slip from the world unnoticed.

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