As I took a short walk out at lunchtime, not really going anywhere in particular, I saw these piled up in Oxfam window. Then on the top in a cellophane wrapper I spotted an Old Moore's Almanack from 1828. My nan used to buy it every year, and I did for a while. Now that I know how superstitious everyone of hers and following generations were, I realise this is just another of those. A book telling us what is going to happen, but written in a way that you can interpret to fit your own circumstances! Well, that's what I think now, anyway.

Didn't do a huge amount of work. Our computers were playing up today, and the phones weren't working this morning either
Then the printer. Something was definitely odd. I made a long list, then left at 4.15.

Jon had started the roast pork, and I finished it. Now I'm doing a bit of embroidery on the elbow of my cardigan that needed stitching. It isn't perfect, but better than the darned scar that currently adorns the sleeve!

The X files are on tv....have I slipped back in time? Bed soon.

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