The second half of life..

By twigs


Back to work but oh! such a different feel to it.

Today was my first real opportunity to enjoy the benefits of not having to be at work until 11.20.  I took the van for an appointment with an auto electrician and then walked home.  Just 25 minutes so nothing too big, but lovley to have the time to do this sort of thing.

Good day at work where productivity is on the rise :)

After work I shot away quickly to go and pick up the van then take it for it's next appointment in town - a service.  This is where the jig-saw approach came in:

Drop car at auto-electricians, pick up van
Drive to town.
Drop van off at service centre
Walk from town back to auto electricians to collect car
Drive home.

Of course, the heat has turned up again today so the walk was pretty hot and sticky.  
Met a young man along the way who was pushing his bike and as I passed him, I saw his tyre was flat.  We had a chat - not sure if someone at school had let his tyre down or he had a puncture so he was walking his bike to his Aunty's where his dad would meet him and take him and his bike home.  We ended up walking and talking for a couple of kms - an older woman and a 13 year old boy.  What a lovely, unexpected interaction.  We also passed another young fella (though a bit older) along the way - this one was hobbling heavily.  Again, I passed and shared a few words - checked if he was OK.  He'd 'done something' skateboarding and his ankle was "really sore".  He could barely walk on it but just had to get to a wee junction along the way and his dad would meet him and take him home.

When things like this happen I have to wonder why teens get such a bad reputation.  The majority of teens are actually lovely people who just need to be acknowledged.  Those whose social skills are lacking is likely becuase they haven't been afforded the time and care of a significant adult, something they can hardly be responsible for. 

Anyway - each of these crossing-of-paths was a very pleasant affair.  By the time I'd finished the walk to my car (about 6kms) my feet were killing me, I was hot and sticky and very much ready for a relaxing evening.  A sundown shot felt like a nice way to round off a very pleasant day :D

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