By Freyjad

Reed Beds

It was very cold walking along the canal today, but it hadn't kept people in at all;  I met photographers, walkers, cyclists and bargees too.  I should have also mentioned the many dogs - one who was wearing shoes.  When I asked her owner why she wore shoes, she told me the the dog had been poisoned and as a result she had some brain damage which caused her to drag her feet which in turn made them sore. The owner didn't know whether it had been a deliberate act or not, but it's a sad tale whatever happened.  The water in the reed beds was frozen over, as parts of the canal were, but even though it was chilly it was good to be out. 

Thank you for the kind comments and stars left for yesterday's image, they're all very much appreciated, and thank you to Steveng for hosting the WidWed challenge.

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