Life In Brighton

By KarenC

Snowy Beach

I was quite surprised this morning when I looked out of the window and saw a thin layer of snow.  I'm like a big kid and there's nothing more that gets me up and out than the white stuff, so I pulled my jeans on and my big fleecy pyjama top and let the boys out for a play in the garden.  Once they'd had their fun, I headed down to the beach.  It was still snowing, so I didn't take my new camera for risk of it getting wet, so this is taken with my iPhone.

It's the first time I've seen the beach with a covering of snow and granted, it wasn't very deep, but it looked lovely.  It was very early, the sun was only just starting to come up, and I had the beach to myself.  I took quite a few different shots, and struggled to decide which to blip, and I had help from Kate, Nicky and Charlotte, but of them all I like this one because the sea looks so blue - thank you ladies for your suggestions!

I headed home for breakfast and a shower and then left for work, by which time the snow had almost gone, I'm glad I made the effort to get out early.

My boss has been saying for a while that she would like some of my photos put onto canvas to hang around the clinic and today she picked 6 photos to start with which I'm going to get ordered for her, and she's said that she's happy for me to put little notices with each one saying that they're available to order.  I'm not sure if I'll sell anything, but it'll be nice to have them on display.

Anyway, I must go and get the dinner on, happy hump day!

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