Today we said farewell to a village personality and friend who passed away a week or two ago, and I was a bit short of time to blip after the wake.  Well after waking up anyway. We will dearly miss Mary.  She was a prominent member of the village church, and after the organist managed to miss the last verse of one of the hymns (all four of which she had chosen along with the rest of the service) we all had a vision of Mary looking down shouting “You just can’t get the staff – can you!?!?”
My idea for the blip was a macro of the pointy end of a sharp knife with some corny caption of cutting to the point or something, but I had a considerable problem with the focussing, and wound up with not enough layers to do a decent focus stack.  To make maters worse my software is not really up to it as it is really designed for exposure.
So I have blipped the studio set up (which I actually like as a photo, but that’s just me) and relegated the best effort of Photomerge/Focus Stacking to ‘extras’.

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