Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Balance beam

Your intrepid reporter and her Sherpa husband made it to Florida in the nick of time, avoiding nasty winter weather in New Jersey. By 4 pm we were walking along the ponds at Viera Wetlands on the east coast of FL checking in with the many AOG hopefuls.

We saw white ibis doing perfect aerial displays while herons and egrets demonstrated the Tai Chi of fishing. We even saw several families of Great Blue Herons raising young future AOG stars. Some crafty alligators were posing as logs - we are really not convinced that’s a valid AOG event but it beats eating Coots I suppose.

Today’s star, however, was this Anhinga who did a perfect Balance Beam routine before executing an equally perfect high dive into the pond. What a performance!

This photo is untouched other than a conversion from RAW to JPEG. Shot full frame and no room for a crop. Had the 1.7 TC on prime, giving me 500mm which was probable a bit too much glass for this shot.

Tomorrow morning, we are headed back for an early morning stroll through Viera and the nearby Click Ponds before heading north to St Augustine. Loving being in t-shirts. Loving being back in FL.

Comments will be sparse the next few days.


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