The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Silly Toy

There I was late in the day, looking around to find a photograph to take so I could do my journal entry. Too often I find myself in this situation. It was dark outside so not a likely place to look. So I looked around my study/guest room and my eyes fell on this toy. And I had to smile. Okay. This will do. It stands perhaps six inches tall and is about the same length. When you turn the crank in front the mouth chews and the tail circles. I've had it for many years. 

When I was growing up Santa Claus, aka my mom, would put out Christmas stockings each with a topper that represented one of us. We had to guess which was our stocking based on the topper. Mine were always pretty obvious as I was the only girl and she didn't do one for herself. She did do one for my dad though, and this was his topper one year. Somehow I ended up with it and every time I see it it reminds me of my dad and our family traditions. And turning the crank makes me smile.

Today was the Music Club. I went early to the coffee hour and was able to deliver the last few calendars I had for people I'd missed before. And it was fun chatting with friends. Shelly brought his friend Pat and we sat together. The concert consisted of the winners of the high school vocal and piano awards given by the Music Club. Every time I hear these kids I am totally amazed at the quality of their playing. It was the same this year. Both Shelly and Pat were amazed as well.

The three of us joined the lunch group at Mikanos, a Greek restaurant, after the concert. Delicious as always. And the talk ranged all over the map. Pat lives on a canal boat in France so he was the center of quite a few of the conversations. Luckily there were few enough of us that we could talk in one large conversation instead of a bunch of small ones. It was very pleasant.

After lunch Shelly and Pat came over to my new condo for the grand tour. They were duly impressed and I enjoyed showing them around. Soon they headed off for the rest of their day. I felt a tad sleepy so I sat in my recliner for a nap. It was a two cat kind of day as both Mehitabel and Duma climbed up and settled on me as I slept. There is nothing quite like dozing when you are tired with two soft felines curled up on top of you. Lovely day.

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