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The best bit about working from home is the getting up at 8.50 and still getting to your "desk" by 9am. After spending what seemed like a lifetime on a conference call to London I managed to get off the phone, away from the computer and out of the house, although only as far as the wee shops in the village - the butchers for some nice little pies and sausages and the other shop for bread and to allow myself to be cajoled into buying sweets for the bairns. Then I took them off them on the way back to the house. Their punishment for hassling me to let them have 'just one' before their lunch. Obviously a no no, and if I'd given in would be punished with Mandy's most scornful look.

Much torpid sitting around with pie-filled bellies and a quick run to the post office, B&Q and the supermarket.

The rum is pleasantly weird. More like a whisky/brandy hybrid than rum. I should save some for the next 101 Club meeting.

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