By Hanulli

Fun in the sun

Finally the results for Tiny People Sunday TiPS4  are out. 
I'm blown away, that we had 27 wonderful and creative entries. 
I would love to give everybody a heart, but I've to make a choice, so my hearts in no particular order go to:
Craftylady for very helpful Tech Ninjas
Tigger101 for desperated Minions on a rescue mission
StuartDB  for his little engineers helping him with a complicated crane for Port Appin. If you've some time have a look at Stuarts journal. He is building a fabulous Tiny People World!!!
Admirer for spotting an adorable Quasimodo
Flashcube for her Apple-Man

My honourable mentions go to:
StuartDB for creating a wonderful place for his tinies to relax
si_b for showing us the secrts of the bitcoins :-)
Missycat for her little helpers against chicken pox
dbifulco for her dangerous entry. I hope Derringer is well!
Sytuttle for his robots which are over the moon 

Nickimags888  entry for TiPS4 is not shown in the gallery. Please make  sure that your entries are visible after you've tagged them. Problems please mention in the comments here.

The current tag for your creative enties from Monday 5th February until Sunday 11th February is TiPS5.
From Monday 12th February until Sunday 18th February the tag will be TiPS6.
I'm looking forward for your creative entries forTiPS this week :-))

I promised my Hanulli that they will be allowed to play in the snow. 
They really enjoyed it.
Sorry for the late results. As I suspected, it was very time consuming when T. came home from her travel with her class. She was a very happy girl :-))
We have gotten a note from the teachers what happened in this 3 days. The most remarkable thing was, that the group (8 disabled kids and 4 teachers/ helper) were in an Italian restaurant for pizza and pasta. Somebody, who stayed anonymous, invited them and payed their bill. Wow! That's a generous gesture!!!!

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