By Hanulli

A new project

Yes, I did it.
I created a new journal called Hanullis Tree Project.
My blip victim will be this beautiful tree. It has the advantage, that he can't run away or refuse blipping.
The aim is to show his beauty in the change of the seasons, in light and darkness, sun or rain, with a wideangel or macro lens.
I'm curious what it will be...
Today my Hanulli photographer helped me to create an avatar for the journal. We were lucky that the sun came out for a little while. In the journal you can find another version. Playing with the glass ball is so much fun, I should do it more often....

Reminder for Tiny People Sunday:
The current tag for entries between Monday 5th February until Sunday 11th February is TiPS5. Between Monday 12th February and Sunday 18th February the tag will be TiPS6. All sorts of tinies are welcome! 
Have fun!
I hope I'll get the results for TiPS4 sorted tomorrow, but T. will return from her trip, so it can be difficult...

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