Blips by cb

By cbimages

Warrior indeed!

I didn't take any photos today.  Instead I spent quite a lot of time trying to work out why my computer, an iMac, kept asking for various passwords – and then not doing anything with them when they were typed in.  Grrr!

So I asked the Internet.  Apparently my Keychain Access programme might have been playing up, for which the remedy would be to repair my startup disk.  You can't do that when using said startup disk so I re-booted from my DiskWarrior USB drive and used the DW programme to repair the startup disk, directories and all.

It worked!  I can now run my Mail programme without being pestered for passwords.  So I snapped my DW USB drive in celebration, judging it worthy of Blipfoto for its success in rescuing my computer and my day.

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