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DIY arrival – 2 years ago

This little charmer was born 2 years ago, delivered by his mother who was assisted only by his father.  The midwives and paramedics arrived after he did.

His father and mother misjudged the moment, you see.  They thought that they had plenty of time, but at 0530 on 9 February our phone rang and his father said to me, "Dad, can Mum come down now?".  We had arranged for my wife to look after this little boy's elder brother while his mother and father went to St Thomas's hospital for the birth.

So my wife got up and was at the nearest railway station by 0630; but at about 0615 I got a text saying something like, "It's OK, I've done it."

And here is that little boy, happy as a little boy can be, posing for his grandfather.  Well done to my son and daughter-in-law!

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