Cheering Myself Up

with some tulips I bought whilst supermarket shopping tonight ;)

After that lack of sleep yesterday, I slept well last night, only to wake up absolutely shivering under the duvet around 4am and with a sore throat too.  I then overslept yet again :(  

Managed a day at work where at last I have my log in back, then shopping :)

Today I had a phone call from my Manager who has given me the week's notice required as the helpdesk is transferring to another office next week.  I will be finishing this job on Wednesday...and I still have no letter from the other Company (but I emailed the Manager early today and he's chased it and also asked them to email the letter of confirmation, so I still have hope).  If it doesn't work I do now have another couple of irons in the fire so to speak...

An evening, huddled up on the sofa with a good Agatha Christie on ITV (I know its a repeat, but I haven't seen them all), then bed!

Thank goodness its Friday tomorrow...

I think I will end up staying at home on Saturday though I had plans to get out somewhere.  I do have some Theology study work to do and it would be a good idea to get started :)

Happy Thursday folks :)

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