Finding Colour...

on yet another wet (actually awful wet) day!

Apologies in advance for the Rant!!

Wow!!  Such a wet and windy day - last week's recycling that wasn't collected due to the snow on Friday is now spread all the way round the close thanks to neighbours' who just don't understand the process and that you fill the bin but don't overfill so the top doesn't shut!  

Today joined by the normal rubbish collection which has apparently been delayed until tomorrow!  Speak to the Council and they do not want to know :(  More that useless our Council!!

End of Rant!

In other news - car service was booked by garage for yesterday (but I booked it for today). However they still did it today, so thankful for that - not for the cost of £271 though its good to be safe!!

While I was waiting I caught up with GodsCreation for a coffee, then went to another friend and finally had lunch in Nandos :)

Happy to be home with my Girl (with the curtains shut so I don't have to look at the rubbish outside.  I've tried collecting it up and putting some in my bin/recycling...but there is yet more floating around, so its a losing battle)...

Extra is Charlie looking at the rubbish....

Tomorrow I was planning a trip out, but it really does depend on the weather now...

Happy Friday folks :)

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