A Brief Interlude

in the sunshine this afternoon :)

No energy today - went food shopping, home and did a washload, then I've been resting most of the afternoon in between binge watching 'Silent Witness'.  I will certain miss Liz Carr starring as Clarissa Mullery, what a fabulous character!

(I have started watching older Silent Witness too - from series 6 can now be found on the BBC iplayer :))

Went to buy the 'Downton Abbey' film at the supermarket, but it was already out of stock, so I'll have to wait!  Never mind I've got all 6 series of it to watch first as I had it on DVD for Christmas :)

Now to make some soup to have for dinner.  Today is pea and ham...  Probably an omlette afterwards, and then some plain 'live' yoghurt....  what an exciting life I lead...but anything for a less sore mouth.  I think its getting better slowly, not quite so painful today.

Other thank that, lots of paperwork to sort into sections and file away now, ready to pack up the unessential stuff for the moment....

I am not planning to go out tomorrow if the forecast does as they say it will...70, 80 mile an hour winds!  Stay safe blippers...

Happy Saturday folks :)

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